100 York Homes to Undergo Asbestos Removal Renovations This Summer

One-hundred houses in the UK will be undergoing renovations in the coming months to remove dangerous asbestos construction products that were damaged and potentially exposed during the winter weather.

Recent inspections of houses in the Nunnery Lane area by the City of York Council found that many structures had damaged soffits that were made using amosite (or brown asbestos) and could potentially be releasing the dangerous fibers into the air. The Council is currently setting up additional inspections of properties in the area to determine which houses have exposed brown asbestos.

After the second round of testing, any brown asbestos that is found will be removed over the course of the summer. Brown asbestos is considered the second most hazardous form of asbestos.

“I saw a big group of council officers looking at the houses and I could see the concern in their faces,” Keith Chapman, a resident of the area, said according to the York Press. “We are all going to be worried about asbestos but I think at least the council are going to address it. I’m impressed with the way the council have been very honest about it.”

Asbestos materials will immediately be extracted from the area, and scaffolding will be erected to minimize the amount of asbestos fibers that are released into the air. However, officials are still warning those who live nearby the area to keep their windows closed while the work is conducted.

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