Washington Law Would Limit Asbestos in Brakes

Washington state is looking to make brake pads that are sold in the state safer with a new proposed law that would reduce the allowable level of asbestos in pads by 2021.

The Better Brakes Law is currently the subject of a number of public hearings that have been set up by the Washington State Department of Ecology. If enacted, certain dangerous substances would be slowly phased out of the creation of brake pads that are allowed to be sold in the state.

Among the substances that the law would limit the usage of would be asbestos and copper. While it provides no details on how much the use of asbestos would have to be decreased, Tire Review reported that copper levels would have to be reduced to 5 percent by 2021.

The copper level could further be reduced to 0.5 percent at a later date if the department deemed it economically and technically possible.

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