UK Survey: homeowners still unaware of asbestos use in construction during 20th century

A recent survey released by the British Lung Foundation found that a significant number of British homeowners were not aware of the extent that asbestos fibers were used in housing products throughout much of the 20th century.

According to the BBC, the survey – which polled 2,000 homeowners – found that 45 percent of respondents did not know that asbestos fibers had been used as a flame retardant building material in many structures that are still in use today.

“Our survey has highlighted that nearly half of all homeowners do not know that asbestos was actually used as a building material and could be in their homes today,” Dame Helena Shovelton, the BLF’s chief executive, said, according to the BBC.

She added that the data reflected a need to do more work so people were more “asbestos aware” and knew how to properly locate and identify the fibers. Additionally, the survey also found that 77 percent of British homeowners said they did not know how to safely handle asbestos if they ever came into contact with it, while 65 percent were not confident they would be able to identify asbestos if they saw it in their own homes. The BLF estimated that approximately 14 million homes in the UK had been built using asbestos as a building material.

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