UK family wins mesothelioma lawsuit for mother

The family of a UK auxiliary nurse in Aylsham, England, has won a mesothelioma settlement from health executives at the hospital she and her first husband once worked for, reports the Eastern Daily Press.

Legally, the case was a minefield, as there was reportedly no proof that 79-year-old Betty Farrow had ever been occupationally exposed to asbestos at St. Michael’s Hospital. Instead, it was widely believed that she inhaled the deadly fibers from washing her husband’s clothes.

Farrow’s husband worked in the boiler rooms of the basement at the same hospital, where he allegedly became covered in asbestos dust. When Farrow shook out his clothes before putting them in the wash, she was exposed to the material.

According to the family’s asbestos lawyer, the case settled for a "significant" amount of money, but an exact figure was not reported by the news source. Farrow’s daughter, Sue Empson, told reporters that she was glad the battle was over and that "it [had] nothing to do with money but what is right."

A death inquiry involving Farrow concluded the woman had died of mesothelioma, a rare and untreatable form of cancer.