Three Illegal Asbestos Disposals in Toledo

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and the city of Toledo have opened a case against a suspect disposing of asbestos illegally. Two months ago, 60 bags of illegal waste were disposed of in 2 separate Toledo locations – an alley on St. Louis Street in East Toledo and vacant house in North Toledo.  The two locations combined to over 100 cubic feet of the deadly carcinogen.  Then again last week, a third disposal was added to the list when 29 more bags were discovered on Champlain Street.  The asbestos recovered at the three locations appears to all be from a similar source.

Asbestos, a naturally occurring fiber, was used for many years in construction products for its tensile strength and fireproofing qualities.  When asbestos is disturbed, the microscopic fibers can be inhaled and become embedded in one’s lungs.  This has the potential to cause numerous health problems including mesothelioma, cancers, and asbestosis.

Asbestos, due to the dangerous health risks, must have special care taken when it is removed from construction sites and subsequently disposed.  In Ohio, removal can only be performed by a certified contractor and disposed of only at a landfill with the required Ohio EPA air pollution control permit.  Unfortunately, these extra measures and expenses can lead to illegal dumpings despite potential fines and jail time for lawbreakers. 

The Ohio EPA is currently accepting any information people may have about Toledo construction sites where workers may have been wearing white, protective suits. (Rick Hassinger, Ohio EPA, 419-352-8461)

Have you or someone you know been exposed to asbestos and potential health problems?  An asbestos lawyer may be able to help.