Thirteen Lawsuits for Asbestos Filed in Illinois at Close of 2008

The following is a summary of the 13 asbestos lawsuits filed in Madison County Courts between December 22 and 26, 2008: A Georgia woman, Cordelia Ann Brooks, sued on account of the mesothelioma suffered by her husband James Brooks. He worked around asbestos from 1963 until 2005. Case number: 08-L-1209. Following her recent death from mesothelioma, Betty Jean Brown’s son, Waintheus L. Brown of Texas, is filing suit on her behalf. Betty Jean worked as a certified nurse’s aid, janitor, and practical nurse at many locations from 1971 through 1999. Case number: 08-L-1207. Debra and Gary Crosby filed suit after Gary developed mesothelioma from working as an engineer, salesman, supervisor, training specialist, and machinist from 1974 to the present. Case number: 08-L-1215. Billie Berlin worked as a forklift driver and material handler from 1956 through 1996. His recent death prompted his daughter, Jerri Fitzwater of Indiana, to file suit on his behalf. Case number: 08-L-1208 Gerald Jeppensen died from mesothelioma after working as a maintenance worker and systems operator from 1967 through 1996.

His wife, Karen Jeppensen of Wisconsin, filed suit on his behalf. Case number: 08-L-1211. A clerical worker from 1973 to the present, Jacqueline Jones of Missouri claims that she contracted mesothelioma from the asbestos fibers on her ex-husband’s clothing he wore home from his work as a laborer with Anheuser-Busch. Case number: 08-L-1210. Larry McDaniels’ mesothelioma arose from his work as a mechanic, machinist mate, equipment assistant, power plant helper and operator, and powerhouse operator from 1950 to the present. He and his wife, Louise McDaniels are suing. Case number: 08-L-1212. From 1960 until 2007 Donald McDonald was a worker who claims to have been exposed to asbestos. Now he has lung cancer. Case number: 08-L-1203. Raymond Penrod II’s death from mesothelioma after his work as a laborer from 1962 until 1964 led to his son, Raymond Penrod III of Nevada, to file on his behalf. Case number: 08-L-1206. Joseph Stahl’s mesothelioma arose from his work as a military police officer and sheet metal worker from 1951 until 1997. He and his wife, Patsy Stahl, have filed suit. Case number: 08-L-1216. Claiming mesothelioma resulted from his work as a carpenter from 1955 through 1985, Doit Walsh is suing. Case number: 08-L-1219. William E. Yeomans died of mesothelioma after a job from 1932 until 1936 in the U.S. Navy and a career as a carpenter, remodeler, finishing worker, and builder from 1936 through 1954. His widow, Lillian H. Yeomans of Florida, has filed a claim on his behalf. Case number: 08-L-1201. As these cases indicate, asbestos may not be used in present-day construction, but its legacy certainly lingers.