New Diagnostic Test for Mesothelioma Announced

A third diagnostic test for mesothelioma has been introduced by its developer, Rosetta Genomics. This new test hopes to increase the ability of doctors to rule out a diagnosis of deadly mesothelioma in patients with some form of carcinoma in the lungs. The test, miRview meso, is the next in Rosetta’s line of diagnostic tests for mesothelioma based on mRNA. It is currently available to the public through the Rosetta Genomics CLIA-certified Philadelphia lab. Over the course of 2009, Rosetta anticipates conducting over 2000 tests from its Philadelphia lab. This new test is able to distinguish mesothelioma from other forms of cancer in and around the lungs.

The miRview meso test is molecular based, which makes it extremely convenient. One of the problems of the past has been in determining if a lung cancer is mesothelioma or another carcinoma. By pinpointing the exact cancer, treatment can be more closely tailored to the patient and his disease. Different forms of lung cancer respond in their own ways to various forms of chemotherapy. By knowing the exact cancer suffered by the patient, it will render therapies that are more effective. Oncologists are excited over the prospect of a new, more accurate test for mesothelioma. The division chief of thoracic surgery and thoracic oncology at the New York University Langone Medical Center, Harvey Pass, said: “I am very excited to finally see a molecularly based test that can objectively differentiate mesothelioma from several types of carcinomas in the lung with such high level of accuracy.” Dr. Pass noted that mesothelioma is a difficult disease to deal with, especially in diagnosis. “Ruling out mesothelioma from lung cancer for individuals that were exposed to asbestos can be difficult and challenging. I am sure that this test will become an important tool for both oncologists and pathologists in obtaining the right diagnosis in these patients.”