Mesothelioma Risk Delays Cedar Rapids Library Construction

The opening of a new library in Cedar Rapids may be delayed for weeks as officials attempt to address a mesothelioma risk that has been found in debris already located on the site.

During the excavation of the site where the new library, workers recently uncovered debris containing asbestos that was likely from an old school that had previously been built on the grounds. The materials with the mesothelioma-causing fibers had been hidden underneath the building that was built on the site after the school had been torn down. That building is now being demolished to make way for the new library, according to the Associated Press.

Asbestos abatement plans have been put together to safely remove the asbestos products from the site. The cost for the asbestos removal will cost more than $1 million, and the added project will likely bump the grand opening of the new library one month. It is currently scheduled to open during the summer of 2013.

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