McLaren Mesothelioma Linked to SEX Boutique

In a follow up to the article posted this week on the death of famous punk rock creator Malcolm McLaren from mesothelioma, the cause for his diagnosis has now come to light. 

At the time of his death earlier this month from mesothelioma, his doctors could not explain a suspected source of his exposure to asbestos; which in almost all cases is the explanation behind a diagnosis of the rare cancer.  Friends and loved ones of the famous fashion designer and Sex Pistols manager have now concluded that McLaren’s mesothelioma was a direct result of his fashion boutique SEX on Kings Road in London; which contained asbestos materials in its construction and layout.

McLaren owned and operated the punk fashion and adult entertainment boutique, SEX on 430 Kings Road in London, England from 1971 to 1980.  During his ownership of the establishment it was well known that McLaren himself personally designed the boutique to purposely reflect disarray and chaos, two important aspects of the punk rock movement. 

McLaren’s partner at the time, Vivienne Westwood has said, “When Malcolm created SEX he broke open the ceiling to make it look like a bomb had hit it.” 

Friends and relatives have stated that McLaren spent serious amounts of time at SEX and every so often made more design changes by further damaging walls and ceiling material.  The description given by associates of McLaren describing the asbestos material literally hanging from ceilings and walls in the boutique sounds like exactly the type of environment that could lead a person to develop mesothelioma.

In addition to this recent discovery of McLaren’s asbestos exposure, Young Kim, McLaren’s partner for the past 12 years is currently in the process of bringing a legal complaint against the hospital where McLaren was treated for misdiagnosing his condition early on.  Two years before his death McLaren, doctors noticed spots on his lungs in an x-ray, but dismissed them as benign, despite the obvious evidence being consistent with symptoms of lung cancer and mesothelioma.  McLaren’s doctors told him that he was fine despite this clear evidence, and didn’t take action until 2009 when his left lung began to fill with fluid, and it was too late.  Kim blames the doctors for his misdiagnosis and mistreatment of his mesothelioma, and plans to take her legal battle to court.