Louisiana University Building Evacuated Due to Mesothelioma Risk

A building at McNeese State University that houses a number of school offices and classrooms has been closed off after loose asbestos that could lead to the development of mesothelioma in students and faculty was uncovered.

Kaufman Hall – which holds offices for school employees who work with computer services, scholarships, and Continuing Education as well as classrooms for social science classes – was closed off earlier this month after renovations to the building’s third floor accidentally led to the release of asbestos. According to the Louisiana school’s President Phillip Williams, the asbestos exposure occurred on March 5 when an old door was cut in half so construction workers could remove it from the building.

“There was a release of some material that at the time the contractors were unsure what it was,” Williams told students and faculty at a recent meeting, according to the Associated Press. “You all continued to work. Nothing was done until we found out on Friday (March 9) of that week that it was possible that asbestos was inside that door.”

Since then, the building has remained closed off while tests have been performed to try and determine how many students and faculty may have been exposed to the mesothelioma-causing fibers. At least 30 workers are estimated to have used the building in the days between the cutting of the door and the building’s evacuation.

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