Loose Asbestos Found at L.A. Water Pumping Plant

Loose asbestos has been found at a water pumping plant in California that helps transport water into Los Angeles.

According to Bakersfield ABC-affiliate KERO-TV, asbestos products were found during routine maintenance at the Ira J. Chrisman Wind Gap Pumping Plant.

“We were doing some maintenance to one of our large pumping units and while we were disassembling some piping, an employee became aware that he may have disturbed some asbestos,” said Field Division Chief Jeff Said, according to KERO.

Among other duties that the plant has, one is to pump water from Kern County and into Los Angeles.

After learning of the loose asbestos, the facility was immediately shut down. Tests by an industrial hygienist confirmed the presence of asbestos, and the building now has warning signs surrounding it as abatement procedures get underway.

State water officials said the water supply was never dangerously tainted and that the public was never in danger. Furthermore, the 20-30 workers at the plant are not thought to have sustained any serious asbestos exposure.

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