Fire Remnants Cause Mesothelioma Worry

The remnants of a serious fire that destroyed a number of buildings in Forrest City, AK are being tested for asbestos remnants that could pose a mesothelioma risk to those nearby if they are not removed safely.

Following the incident, which destroyed six buildings on a block of the city, the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) has been sent in to investigate the buildings’ remains and test the air quality to see if dangerous levels of asbestos may be getting into the air.

“The ADEQ was checking the site for us before we start to remove the debris,” said Larry Bryant, the town’s mayor, according to Forrest City ABC affiliate KATV. “They said that if more than 2 percent asbestos is found we would have to hire a company that is certified to remove the debris. We do have a few certified asbestos testers who work for the city, but we are not certified to remove asbestos.”

He added that in addition to the danger it would present, the presence of dangerous asbestos levels would also be unfortunate because it would force many bricks from the buildings that hold historic value to be relegated to a landfill for safety purposes.

Because asbestos is resistant to fire, it is possible for fibers to survive a fire such as this and remain exposed, therefore presenting an increased risk of mesothelioma.

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