Documentary Focuses on Mesothelioma Danger in India

While the use of asbestos materials has largely decreased in the developed world in recent decades, countries with emerging economies have been increasing their usage of the toxic substance. India has been importing deadly asbestos fibers for years and manufacturing building materials from asbestos. These products are then marketed to the poorest of India’s residents, many of whom have no concept of the danger posed by the materials they use and manufacture.

In India, where controls on asbestos use are essentially nonexistent, there has been massive growth in the number of diagnosed diseases that result from asbestos exposure, such as asbestosis and mesothelioma. The expansion of the asbestos industry in India and other similar countries has been the topic of much global debate.

In the documentary above, produced by Al Jazeera, it is shown that dangerous business practices abound. The workers who handle the asbestos materials do not understand the risks, pretend the risks do not exist and even reject the concept that asbestos is dangerous. The film traces the asbestos used in India back to its point of origin in Canada, a country that has legally mined and exported asbestos for years. All asbestos mining activities in Canada has currenlty stopped, although it may resume at some point in the future.

Here in the United States, we are more similar to India than most people may think when it comes to the current use of toxic asbestos materials. Asbestos is still legal here, and is almost always imported into the country from mines elsewhere, and is utilized in part because it cost effective. There is really no way to be completely safe from the dangerous asbestos fibers if you are working directly with them.

It’s time to stop this shameful industry both here and abroad. Join our fight over at ban asbestos now. If you have been exposed to asbestos and now suffer from mesothelioma, call Sokolove Law today to learn more about pursuing a mesothelioma lawsuit.