Deutsche Bank Tower near WTC Site Finally Demolished

It may have taken the years, but a damaged building that neighbors the World Trade Center Site in Lower Manhattan and was contaminated with dangerous debris following the 9/11 attacks is finally being demolished.

The 41-story Deutsche Bank Tower, which had a 12-story hole torn in its side during the collapse of the WTC’s South Tower on September 11, 2001, has been involved in a series of legal battles regarding ownership of the property, and a number of lawsuits involving mishaps by cleanup workers.

However, a distinct issue that the building faced issue surrounding the Deutsche Bank tower is the large amount of deadly fibers and chemicals – as well as human remains of WTC attack victims – that were stuck in the building following the attack, asbestos included.

While many attempts were made to quickly remove any dangerous toxins from the building, they were often derailed or delayed when no proper way could be decided upon to get the dangerous debris out of Manhattan safely. As a result, the 12-story hole was simply covered in a black tarp to keep the toxins from getting into the city’s air for a period of time.

However, with the building now finally being disassembled, one can only hope that an important step has been taken to limit the damage caused by the WTC attacks in terms of NYC’s air supply. Air tests taken following the attacks found that asbestos levels were comparable to those found in Libby, Montana back in 2001, and it is still unknown how many New Yorkers may develop mesothelioma or any asbestos-related disease as a result

“It’s one more symbol that lower Manhattan will come back from Sept. 11 bigger, better and stronger than ever before,” NYC Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, told the Associated Press regarding the building’s demolition.

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