Controversial Mesothelioma Lawsuit Bill Killed By Louisiana Senate

Good news for those who may one day be pursuing a mesothelioma lawsuit in Louisiana, as a state Senate committee has voted down a bill that many think would have empowered asbestos companies.

After passing through the state House of Representatives unanimously, HB477 was recently shot down by a 4-2 vote in the Senate in May. If approved, the bill would have required plaintiffs who bring a mesothelioma lawsuit against an asbestos company to list all potential bankruptcy claims and defendants.

Opponents of the bill had argued that listing all possible defendants would slow down a legal process that is already complicated and drawn out at times.

Additionally, because mesothelioma victims usually do not have a long life expectancy, prolonging any legal action could prevent a victim from living to see his or her case come to a close, according to Legal Newsline.

If you or a loved one used a certain asbestos product and now has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, there may be legal options available. Call Sokolove Law today for a free legal consultation regarding a mesothelioma claim.