Construction Complicated by Asbestos

In ABILENE, KS, ACM Removal LLC from Wichita won the bid to remove the asbestos from an older section of the Abilene Public Library. Their bid to remove and dispose of the asbestos found in the floor tile, carpet, and black mastic was for a low cost of $5,510. Four different places in the library were found to have asbestos materials in them that would be removed by ACM.
Asbestos removal was not factored into the initial costs when the renovations were approved in 2007. In November of that year, the voters passed a 0.35 percent sales tax to fund the renovations of the Abilene Public Library and a swimming pool. The winning bid will still keep the project within its $1.8 million budget and on schedule to be completed by the end of 2009. In CONROE, TX, after the city bought the Conroe Motel for $1.9 million in June of 2008, the Conroe Industrial Development Corporation (CIDC) approved $75,000 to remove asbestos from the building in January 2009.

According to Downtown Director Larry Calhoun, the removal should be finished three weeks after it begins, which Calhoun expected to be within two weeks of the project’s approval. The site should be completely cleared by early March 2009 at the latest. Initial estimates for the asbestos removal came in at $120,000, but due to a downturn in the economy, lower bids were found. The winning bid came from AAR Inc of $75,520, with up to $100,000 approved by the CIDC to cover any unexpected costs during the removal. Calhoun noted, “We assumed there was asbestos; but until you tear into it, you don’t know.” No plans for the 1.5-acre site have been made, but Calhoun asserts that a new owner will be actively sought, though as of January 2009, no one has come forward with interest in the site.