Company Chosen For Asbestos Survey of Former School Building

The former TN Lamb Junior High School in Burton, Michigan, which officials plan to demolish in the near future, will first undergo an environmental study conducted by DMD Environmental Incorporated.

The school board will pay the firm $2,100 for the study, which will determine if asbestos, lead paint or other toxic substances are present on the site, the Flint Journal reports. The decades-old building was closed three years ago as students were moved into an old high school building, whereas high schoolers were moved into a recently-constructed facility.

Officials are sure they want to tear the building down, but are unsure of when they’ll be able to do so, as no timeline has been given for the environmental survey.

"The building is in such disrepair at this point. It wouldn’t be cost-effective for the district to do anything with it at this point," said Superintendent John Krolewski.

Asbestos was frequently used as insulation in the construction of older buildings. Those that believe they’ve been exposed to it in the workplace or elsewhere and have gotten sick as a result may benefit from seeking the help of an asbestos attorney to determine if they can seek damages for the medical expenses, pain and suffering that the asbestos-related disease caused them.