Chemicals in the Water, Asbestos in the Air – We Need to Act Now

Within the coverage of the devastating oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, reports are emerging that the chemical dispersants used to break-up the slicks are just as toxic as the oil itself. This is the same issue driving Ban Asbestos Now! as well as many larger, federal studies examining environmental cancers and household products that contain toxic chemicals; across the board, we need to urge stronger regulation of potentially hazardous and cancer-causing materials.

While it’s reckless to allow companies to use untested, dangerous chemicals, it’s even worse when materials like asbestos are proven to be carcinogenic, yet are still present in many homes and products. Many times, the most difficult step in regulating a chemical is proving with certainty that it’s hazardous. This part of BAN! has evolved over many years, most recently with a 2006 agreement between the World Health Organization and the International Labor Organization that stated:

  • all types of asbestos cause cancer in humans – there is no “safe form” of the material
  • there are no safe exposure levels – being “a little” exposed to asbestos potentially can be as harmful as being exposed “a lot”
  • asbestos should be banned altogether in order to halt the spread of asbestos-related diseases

It seems so simple. The research has been done and the hazards proven. So why do we not have a ban?

While widespread chemical use is making national headlines, there is no better time to make our voices heard and have Congress turn their attention to BAN! as well. Please sign a letter and make a difference today!