Australian Mesothelioma Victim To Be Subject Of TV Miniseries

The story of an Australian man who became the public face of asbestos litigation against the asbestos material manufacturer James Hardie Industries is set to become a tv miniseries that will be broadcast on Australian television.

According to the Herald Sun, Devil’s Dust will begin filming later this month and tell the story of Bernie Banton, a former employee of James Hardie who was diagnosed with asbestosis, pleural mesothelioma, and Asbestos-Related Plueral Disease in 1999. In the years before his death in 2007, he became a well known social advocate for the proper compensation of those suffering from asbestos related diseases.

The two-part miniseries will follow Banton’s battle against James Hardie through the eyes of journalist Matt Peacock, who wrote Killer Company– a book dealing with Banton’s life following his mesothelioma diagnosis.

James Hardie Industries is a building materials company that was based in Australia in 2001 and manufactured a number of asbestos products dating back to the 1920s. Despite warnings about the dangers of asbestos in the 1960s, the company used asbestos in their insulation products until 1973, and manufactured other asbestos products until 1983.

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Photo courtesy of Mushroom and Rooster via Flickr.