Asbestos in Schools News for January 19th, 2009

In ONEIDA, NY, contractors finished their removal of the asbestos
from the abandoned high school on Elizabeth Street on Christmas Eve 2008. The project to remove the asbestos cost the city $260,000, and an additional $35,000 was needed to monitor the air quality during the removal. Future plans for the deconstruction of the building were not made known to the public following the announcement of the asbestos removal completion. The City Engineer, Jim Bacher, noted that the expenses were being carefully tracked, and that the building’s owner, Randy Baker, would eventually have to repay the cost of the asbestos removal, air quality testing, and the demolition of the site. According to Oneida Mayor Peter Hedglon, the property will have a lien put on it in the amount of these expenses. As of Christmas Eve, the mayor was unsure of whether the city attorney would sue Baker for these costs.

The City of Oneida set aside $290,000 in the 2009 budget to pay for the cost of demolishing the old high school on Elizabeth Street using the Department of Public Works and a set of rental equipment. In DOBBS FERRY, NY, $23,000 will be paid to remove asbestos from the auditorium of the high school. The Asbestos Corp. of America began during the winter holidays of 2008 its removal of the asbestos from two different areas of the Dobbs Ferry High School auditorium. Their work included taking air quality and surface tests to ensure that contamination did not occur. They finished on Tuesday, December 30, 2008, after removing and disposing of the asbestos in the auditorium. An annual visual inspection of the high school in November 2008 discovered the asbestos, upon which the auditorium was closed to students, sealed from the inside, and locked from the outside. The asbestos became exposed through a water leak in the brick. This caused some of the asbestos insulation to seep out and become exposed. Air quality tests of the area showed only trace amounts, but no chances were taken, and the Asbestos Corp. of America was contracted to remove and dispose of the asbestos. No students were put at risk from the asbestos.