Asbestos Discovery Halts Australian Clean Tech Hub Development

Plans for a proposed “clean-tech hub” in the southern Australian city of Adelaide have hit a snag after widespread asbestos was found on an important building site, according to The Australian.

The Government has promised $125M for a project that would build the most advanced sustainable technologies site in Australia. Included in the project is $32.5m for the former Mitsubishi Motors Australia vehicle assembly plant, but asbestos problems at the building have caused developers to scrap demolition plans and reuse the plant’s basic structure instead.

“The committee member, who wanted to remain anonymous for fear of repercussions from the government, said the structure had an asbestos roof, floors and sheeting, and recladding,” The Australian reported “The government has promised to clean up the asbestos, but the government has already been told that asbestos has been buried on the site in the past.

“A government spokesman yesterday conceded the extent of asbestos contamination was unknown, and would be ‘approached on a stage-by-stage basis’. There was a ‘ballpark estimate’ of the cost involved in addressing the problem, but he would not reveal the amount.”

Public officials claim that they have not commissioned an environmental risk assessment and that planning will be put back at least three months.

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