Asbestos Destruction Technology Finds Home at UK Licensee

An American waste management company, ARI Technology of Kent, Washington, has announced a licensing agreement with a leading asbestos abatement and removal concern in the United Kingdom, Pectel Group. ARI has developed and patented a technology to destroy asbestos fibers (among other types of dangerous waste), making their disposal considerably safer and less expensive.
The process, known as thermochemical conversion technology, destroys individual asbestos fibers by the application of heat and proprietary chemical compounds, reducing the asbestos fibers (and other contaminants) to dust which is then aggregated through a process known as sintering. The aggregate is chemically inert, non-toxic, and reduces the volume of waste matter by as much as 90%, greatly reducing hauling and disposal costs. ARI claims the thermochemical conversion process costs less than half as much as competing asbestos-melting technologies on the market. ARI’s process has been in development for years, and the company has begun aggressively marketing it around the globe. Previously, ARI inked a deal to partner with a Japanese firm to demonstrate the process in Japan.

Asbestos has always been difficult and expensive to mitigate in place. ARI’s technology may greatly reduce the cost of asbestos cleanup efforts because any asbestos-containing materials can simply be removed from the wall or job site and processed using a thermochemical converter brought to the cleanup or job site. The resulting waste should not require special handling, limiting the need for protective equipment and elaborate safety precautions to the specific area where the deadly substance is being removed. The Pectel Group is the UK’s leading asbestos abatement and removal firm, with more than twenty-five years in the field. The company has said it plans to aggressively use the ARI technology to reduce the quantity of asbestos bound for landfills in the UK.