Asbestos Around the Country – California

Prolonged exposure to asbestos fibers can lead to mesothelioma, a rare cancer of the lungs, and more than 2,000 California residents have died from this disease.

Asbestos deposits can be found throughout the California countryside. A report from the State of California Department of Conservation outlines several pages of asbestos occurrences, both past and present, across the state. The chart, available here, lists historic asbestos mines, historic asbestos prospects, and other natural occurrences of asbestos in California.

Though cities and towns across the state were found to have asbestos occurrences, the mineral was found to be most prevalent in Fresno, Trinity and Siskiyou, California. There are also reports of asbestos in Los Angeles and San Francisco, though in fewer amounts.

Addressing the problem

A decision in 1990 led the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to regulate asbestos amounts in crushed serpentinite used in surfacing applications New concerns were raised in 1998 about potential health hazards, which led to CARB reducing the asbestos limit in the aforementioned surfacing applications from 5 percent to less than .25 percent.

To this day, the California Department of Toxic Substances Control works in various areas of the state to address concerns about potential effects of naturally occurring asbestos. These minerals, which are harmless if undisturbed, occur in rock and soil as the result of natural geologic processes. Asbestos deposits are often found near earthquake faults in the coastal ranges and the foothills of the Sierra Nevada.

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