Types of Mesothelioma

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Percentage of Mesothelioma Cases by TypeMesothelioma types are classified according to the cell type of the tumor, as well as the location in which the cancer is found. There are three main types of mesothelioma found within this disease diagnosis.

Mesothelioma Types: Epithelial

Of all the mesothelioma types, epithelial (epithelioid) is the most common, accounting for 50% to 70% of all cases. In this mesothelioma type, the cancer has originated in the epithelial cells within the tissues surrounding the internal organs. Like all mesothelioma types, epithelial mesothelioma is caused by asbestos exposure. It has a better prognosis than the other types of the disease.

Mesothelioma Types: Sarcomatoid

Sarcomatoid (sarcomatous) mesothelioma is when cancerous tumors originate in the fibrous tissues or membranes of the mesothelial lining. Among all the mesothelioma types, it is the least common and accounts for just 10% to 20% of cases.  Sarcomatoid mesothelioma is considered the most lethal of the mesothelioma types and has an average life expectancy of only six months or less following diagnosis.

Mesothelioma Types: Mixed/Biphasic

Patients can have a third mesothelioma type, called mixed or biphasic mesothelioma. This occurs when a mix of both epithelial and sarcomatoid Peritoneal Mesothelioma Informationinvolvement is found. Mixed/biphasic mesothelioma is the second most common of all the mesothelioma types, affecting 20% to 35% of mesothelioma patients.

Another way mesothelioma types are classified is by the area of the body in which the original tumor is found:

Pleural mesothelioma is the most prevalent of the mesothelioma types, occurring in 70% to 80% of diagnosed cases.Mesothelioma Diagnosis

Learn Your Legal Rights

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