Dr. Scott N. Gettinger – Mesothelioma Doctor – Assistant Professor of Medial Oncology

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Yale University Cancer Center, Yale Medical Oncology

800 Howard Avenue

Yale Physicians Building, 2nd Floor

New Haven, Connecticut 06519

Phone: 203.785.4191

Fax: 203.785.3788

Email Address: scott.gettinger@yale.edu

Dr. Scott N. Gettinger is Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Section of Medical Oncology at Yale University Cancer Center. Yale University Cancer Center is located in New Haven, Connecticut. Dr. Gettinger also has secondary offices at One Long Wharf Drive, 6 th Floor, New Haven, CT 06511.

In addition to mesothelioma, Dr. Gettinger’s clinical interests include: lung cancer, thymoma, head cancer, neck cancer, thyroid cancer, and mediastinal and wall tumors. Dr. Gettinger’s areas of research are clinical trial design, novel therapeutics, radiosensitizers, and prognostic biomarkers. His programs, services and centers at Yale University Cancer Center include: Thoracic Oncology and the Head and Neck Cancer Surgery Program.

Dr. Gettinger attended the State University of New York at Brooklyn College of Medicine in Brooklyn , New York, where he received his Medical Degree (M.D.) in 1999. Several months later, in June of 1999, he began his Residency in Internal Medicine. Dr. Gettinger completed his Residency in Internal Medicine at the Beth Israel Medical Center in New York, New York in June of 2002. In July of 2002, Dr. Gettinger began working on his Fellowship. He completed his Fellowship in Medical Oncology and Hematology, also at Beth Israel Medical Center In New York, NY, in June of 2005. Dr. Gettinger was actively involved with the head and neck oncology program while completing his Fellowship at Beth Israel Medical Center.

Dr. Gettinger joined the clinical staff at Yale University Cancer Center in October of 2005. According to the Director of Yale Cancer Center, Dr. Richard L. Edelson, one of the reasons Dr. Gettinger was selected for the position was due to his involvement in the multidisciplinary disease programs for head and neck and lung cancer, and his focus on the development of innovative therapies for these diseases.

Dr. Gettinger also joined the Yale-New Haven Thoracic Oncology Program during this time and he was selected to become an active part of designing and launching clinical trials that explore newer treatment options for lung cancer patients.

Dr. Gettinger also works closely with the Yale Head and Neck Cancer Program to develop multidisciplinary approaches to treat patients with locally advanced diseases; to develop cutting-edge treatment regimens incorporating unique targeted agents, and he is also pursuing newer strategies to prevent and treat complications of cancer therapy.

Dr. Gettinger received his Board Certification in Internal Medicine in 2002 and his Board Certification in Medical Oncology in 2005.