Current Mesothelioma Clinical Trials List

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A clinical trial is a study in which an experimental treatment is tested on human subjects to determine its safety and effectiveness. If you have mesothelioma, and if standard treatments haven’t yielded the results you and your doctor were hoping for, information on mesothelioma clinical trials may be worth researching.

Mesothelioma Clinical Trial Information: Phases

Before a treatment is made available for standard use, it must first go through three or four phases of testing. The number of participants in each phase can range from 15 to 30 in Phase I to several thousand in Phase IV. Information on the mesothelioma clinical trial goals for each phase follows.

  • Phase I
    • Establish a safe dose.
    • Determine how the experimental treatment should be given.
    • Note how the experimental treatment affects the human body.
  • Phase II
    • Determine how the experimental treatment affects mesothelioma.
    • Note how the experimental treatment affects the human body.
  • Phase III
    • Compare the experimental treatment (or new use of an established treatment) with current standard treatment(s).
  • Phase IV
    • Study the safety and effectiveness of the experimental treatment over the long term.

Mesothelioma Clinical Trial Information: How to Qualify

Specific eligibility guidelines are issued for each mesothelioma clinical trial and information required for eligibility may include:

  • Confirmation of the mesothelioma diagnosis
  • Confirmation that you are healthy enough to withstand the trial
  • Which procedures or treatment you have tried
  • Whether or not you are a candidate for surgery

For more information on mesothelioma clinical trial eligibility, contact the coordinator of the study you’re interested in.

Mesothelioma Clinical Trial Information: Resources

For information on mesothelioma clinical trials, start with your doctor. You can also visit, a website sponsored the National Institutes of Health, where you’ll find an extensive database of up-to-date information on clinical trials for mesothelioma and other diseases. lists clinical trials sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and other federal agencies, as well as private industry.

There are costs associated with most clinical trials, but you may be entitled to compensation to cover those costs and take care of other financial needs. To file a mesothelioma claim, contact Sokolove Law today at 1-888-360-4215.