Asbestos in Shingles

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Shingles are very important slabs of material that are nailed to the roof of homes to keep the roof from leaking. When looking at them, it is easy to see that they overlap and are laid out in rows. Because of shingles, water runs off of the roof instead of entering and damaging the home. Shingles also keep out other elements, such as the wind, from making the home too drafty.

Asbestos Shingles

Throughout the years, shingles have been made available in a variety of materials. At one time they were made of wood and even different types of paper, but due to the fact that these materials are flammable, it is rare to see shingles made of these materials now.

One of the most common types of shingles that has been used throughout the years is asphalt shingles. They are lighter than the clay tiles that are used on some roofs. Clay tiles are quite heavy, so the frame has to be strong enough to support such weight at the top. However, there are many types of lightweight shingles available and a reinforced frame, just to support the weight of the roofing, is not necessary. The same goes for roofing tiles because there are some available on the market, at an additional cost, that do not require the frame to be reinforced.

Another type of shingle is the slate shingle. There are many buildings throughout the world that have slate shingles because of its beauty. However, slate has to be used carefully because a slate shingle that is not nailed on properly or is placed upon an inappropriate slope can cause pieces of slate to fall to the ground. Slate roofing is more or less an art for the roofer.

Then there are shake shingles which are another beautiful piece of roofing. However, these shingles require regular maintenance to keep up their beauty and their functionality. They are made of wood, so this does make them flammable. However, there are many shingle manufacturers that try to mimic the look of shake shingles in their asphalt lines.

It is easy to see that there are several options when it comes to placing shingles on a home. Shingles are very important, but it is also amazing how important the strength of the building’s structure is together with the type of shingles used. This makes the roofing one of the first choices before a structure is built.

Even so, it is important to note that in older homes, shingles can sometimes contain asbestos. While newer products are not made with the substance, many homes may still contain it, putting a lot of people at risk for asbestos exposure. If your home was built before the 1970’s and has not had a thorough update since that time, it may be a good idea to call in a professional to check and seek if you have an asbestos problem. You certainly don’t want to risk exposure, which can cause cancers like mesothelioma and asbestosis.