Asbestos in Hair Dryers

Most people at one time or another in their lifetime have used a hair dryer. And if you used a hair dryer before 1980, chances are that you have been exposure to asbestos. Most handheld hair dryers that were manufactured before 1980 contained asbestos. If you still have one of those hair dryers, you should throw it out and invest in a new one.

The danger from these hair dryers is because as you are drying your hair, you are blowing asbestos directly into your breathing zone. And inhaled asbestos fiberscan be detrimental to you health and can even cause death.

Did you know that when asbestos fibers that are inhaled, the majority of them are expelled, but unfortunately a few persistent fibers can get lodged in the lungs and stay there for the rest of your life? It’s true, you can have problems for years and never even know why or that you’ve been exposed to asbestos.

Over time these threads of asbestos accumulate, causing scarring and inflammation to the lungs. Extensive scarring and inflammation not only can affect your breathing, but can lead to other diseases as well.

Some factors that contribute to your chances of developing asbestos-related diseases are the amount of exposure to asbestos that you’ve had, as well as the amount of fibers that have entered your body. You are at high risk if you used a hair dryer that blew asbestos into your face repeatedly over an extended period of time.