Illinois Mesothelioma Attorneys and Asbestos Cancer Resources (IL)

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If you or a family member were exposed to asbestos or diagnosed with mesothelioma as a Mesothelioma Lawyerresult of the disregard for public safety demonstrated by the asbestos companies, you may want to see them accept the consequences of their irresponsible practices. That’s where the services of an Illinois mesothelioma attorney come in. An Illinois mesothelioma attorney can help identify the company responsible for your injuries and hold it accountable in court.

Illinois Mesothelioma Attorney: Your Weapon in the Fight for Justice

Mesothelioma LitigationSokolove Law’s experienced Illinois mesothelioma attorneys have won $248 million in gross mesothelioma settlements on behalf of asbestos victims across the state to date, including:

  •  A $22,015,889 settlement obtained on behalf of a 52-year-old man with mesothelioma.
  • A $5,319,697 settlement obtained on behalf of a 72-year-old man with mesothelioma.
  • A $4,729,836 settlement obtained on behalf of a 47-year-old man with mesothelioma.

Each case is different, so prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome or any other future results. Recovery results and amounts, if any, vary per client and based on the specific facts of the case.

Illinois Mesothelioma Attorney: Help for Your Financial Worries

Mesothelioma CompensationYour Illinois mesothelioma attorney will work on contingency, so you pay nothing until you receive a settlement. If you don’t win your case, you pay no legal fees. Meanwhile, the money from a potential settlement could help you cope with mounting medical bills, lack of health insurance, and lost income.

Contact an Illinois Mesothelioma Attorney Today

With so much at stake, the simple fact is you can’t afford not to call an Illinois mesothelioma attorney. Don’t let the statute of limitations run out on your claim – call Sokolove Law at 1-888-360-4215 today.