Young Firefighter Diagnosed with Pleural Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is a deadly form of cancer that can affect anyone who has been exposed to any level of asbestos throughout their life. While older people tend to most be diagnosed with the illnesses in most cases, Jonathan Smith is sadly an exception to that.

According to WVIR-TV, Charlotteville, VA’s NBC affiliate, 29-year-old Smith has been a firefighter for the Stuarts Draft Fire Department for six years. Last October, he was made a full-time firefighter at Augusta County’s Company 10.

Sadly, the promotion came months after he had begun suffering from a nagging cough and weakness in early 2011 that led to his decision to go to a doctor for tests. The tests revealed that Smith was suffering from stage-four pleural mesothelioma.

While it is difficult to truly know if Smith was exposed to significant amounts of asbestos during his years as a firefighter, doctors estimated that his mesothelioma diagnosis may have been caused by asbestos exposure he suffered as child.

In the five months since his diagnosis, Smith has undergone two rounds of chemotherapy treatments. His fellow firefighters have also sacrificed vacation time so he can remain employed and keep his insurance for another month, while also partnering with the sheriff’s department to put on a golf tournament to fund his escalating medical bills.

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