Was A 2012 Olympic Site Built on Asbestos?

With the Summer Olympics Games only months away, some troubling news is coming out of a London-area town concerning an Olympic basketball site that may have been built on asbestos-contaminated ground and therefore pose a mesothelioma risk to both athletes and spectators.

The Independent
recently reported on a series of protests that have occurred outside of a basketball facility in the North London area of Waltham Forest. The reason for the protests is the land that the facility was built on, and concerns that it had been landfilled following World War II and was contaminated with dangerous substances, asbestos included.

After protests that focused on concern for the safety of the area, and the idea that locals had not been properly consulted about future plans for the facility, a series of legal actions were undertaken to prevent the protesters from engaging in any “unlawful” activity on the site.

During a recent court appearance in which the protestors were further restricted in how they could protest on the site, the High Court judge who was presiding over the matter was informed by environmental campaigners that the park land where the basketball facility was built contained significant amounts of “lead and asbestos.”

It is unclear whether or not any actions will be taken to determine whether or not there may be any asbestos problem at the facility, but one would hope that the 2012 Olympics will be carried out without any risk of spectators or athletes being exposed to dangerous asbestos fibers.

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