Wales Hospital May Move Ahead with $100 Million Asbestos Abatement Project

A hospital located in the historic Denbighshire county of Wales is undertaking the first steps towards a significant renovation that would include the removal of asbestos that is currently inside some of its ceilings.

According to the BBC, Denbighshire’s Ysbyty Glan Clwyd hospital is proposing a five-year strategy that would include a sizable renovation of its property to ultimately “reduce reliance” on its hospital beds.

This would be accomplished through remodeling that would strip much of the building back to its steel frame. In doing so, the project would also include an asbestos abatement plan that could cost more than $100 million to complete.

“There are long-standing and increasingly pressing issues at Glan Clywd hospital related to asbestos and fire safety compliance,” Neil Bradshaw, the local health board’s director if planning, told the BBC. “These stem from the extensive use of asbestos in the construction of the original building.”

The asbestos work, which would occur before any other renovations begin, would involve the removal of significant amounts of asbestos spray coating on the building’s steel frames in the building’s operating theatres and corridors.

In total, the renovations to the hospital, if approved, would “directly affect” 12 acute wards in the building’s original H-block, ground, and first floors.

While the hospital’s Board maintains that the current conditions pose no “immediate risk” to patients in the hospital, there are a number of other hospitals in Europe that have been found to contain asbestos and been linked as a cause for some doctors’ mesothelioma diagnoses.

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