WA High School Begins Asbestos Abatement

A high school building in southeastern Washington is finally getting the asbestos abatement procedures performed on it that it desperately needs to keep its students and faculty safe for the years to come.

The Tri-City Herald recently reported that asbestos removal work had begun at Pasco High School over the summer months. The project will focus mainly on the building’s roof, which contains non-friable asbestos that can be broken and lead to potentially dangerous exposure.

Despite the fact that non-friable asbestos is not quite as easy to break as friable asbestos, workers who remove the dangerous asbestos fibers will be required to wear white safety suits and ventilators, The News Tribune reported.

While we can only applaud that proper measures are being undertaken to remove dangerous asbestos products from a building like a school, it cannot be ignored that the dangerous materials were allowed to be near students and teachers for so long before the health risk was addressed.

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