University of South Carolina Building Has Asbestos Problem

A building that is used regularly by students and faculty at the University of South Carolina is in need of serious renovation to fix a number of problems, including potentially loose asbestos products, according to the school’s independent student paper.

The Daily Gamecock recently released a story documenting the health issues that are currently present at Hamilton College, a building on the school’s campus that was received few renovations since it was built in 1943 and currently houses the school’s Anthropology Department.

According to Anthropology Undergraduate Coordinator Claudia Carriere, the building has many issues that need to be addressed through renovations such as asbestos, mold, and lead paint. In order to properly repair the building, which has three classrooms that can fit 42-52 students each, it would cost the university $15 million. Its renovation is currently one of the university’s largest deferred maintenance projects.

Many colleges and universities across the country that utilize older buildings for offices and classrooms have been found to have some type of asbestos problem that needs to be addressed through renovations. In these older buildings, asbestos products were likely used for floor/ceiling tiles and fire-proofing spray and can represent a health issue for students and faculty until they are properly removed.

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