UN Headquarters Only Undergoing Asbestos Abatement Now

The United Nations headquarters in New York City often plays host to the post powerful political leaders on earth. With that in mind, it may be concerning to some that the building is still undergoing abatement procedures to remove dangerous mesothelioma-causing asbestos products.

According to the Associated Press, the UN headquarters is currently in the midst of its first major renovation since it was built 60 years ago. Among the many renovations and projects mentioned in the article that are under way in the building – many of which address a litany of security concerns – is asbestos abatement.

One issue that arose during the nearly $2 billion project was a significant miscommunication that led to the start of asbestos abatement projects in the building before U.N. staff were able to move from their offices to a new temporary location. The mistake led to accusations by the U.S Staff Union that the workers had been lied to about their safety during the construction, despite assertions from Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon the health workers were being monitored.

Even brief periods of high-level asbestos exposure can be extremely dangerous to an individual, drastically increasing their odds of developing an asbestos-related illness such as mesothelioma.

All construction on the building is currently slated to be finished by 2014.

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