UK School Closed after Students Exposed to Asbestos

The use of ceiling products that contain asbestos in a UK school may be the reason that 70 students were exposed to asbestos following a mishap in the school’s science lab.

Kintbery St. Mary’s C.E. Primary School in Berkshire was forced to close some of its classrooms after science lesson involving a hydrogen balloon went awry and caused a sonic reaction went awry and caused a sonic reaction. The explosion that resulted lifted ceiling tiles in the room and released dust that fell onto the 70 students who were in the class.

Following the incident, safety tests revealed that the dust contained trace amounts of asbestos fibers, prompting the room to be closed for further testing. Students in the room were sent home, but after changing into their gym clothes so their uniforms could be kept for additional testing as well.

“It is known that insulating boards in the ceiling contained low-level asbestos, so the 70 pupils in the hall, and the supervising staff, were evacuated and the hall immediately sealed off,” a West Berkshire Council spokeswoman said following the incident, according to the BBC. “…Health and safety officers from the local education authority attended the school and carried out air tests.”

The rooms will be closed off through the weekend. It’s our hope here at Asbestos.Net that none of the children will be negatively affected by this situation.

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