UK Electrician sues Mars, Nestle for Asbestos Exposure

A UK man who worked at factories for both the Nestle and Mars chocolate factories is now suing both companies for not protecting him adequately and causing the asbestos exposure that led to him being diagnosed with asbestosis.

A Bracknell newspaper recently reported that 66-year-old Charles Parker, a former electrician/technician who lives outside of London worked at both companies for a combined 30 years: 1969-1971 for Nestle and 1971-1999 for Mars. While working on the wires and pipes in factories for each company, Parker claims that he regularly came into contact with products that were coated with asbestos insulation.

Furthermore, Parker also alleges in his lawsuits that both companies never warned him of the health risks associated with asbestos, and also put him in a number of other situations that left him at an increased risk of suffering bodily harm as well.

After initially complaining of breathing problems during his final years working at Mars, Parker was finally diagnosed with asbestosis and pleural plaques in each of his lungs last year. Currently, his lungs only work at 80 percent capacity, while doctors predict their functionality will decline by an additional 10 percent every 7 years.

In his lawsuits, Parker is asking for a combined £200,000, or approximately $330,000. His case is currently being handled in the High Court.

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