Town Seeks Landfill for its Asbestos Debris

One Illinois town is finding out that getting rid of asbestos debris is more complicated than it had anticipated.

Prophetstown asked to send asbestos-containing waste from a downtown fire to the Whiteside County landfill, according to But the landfill’s original 1992 permit bans asbestos, which is considered a health hazard. Asbestos exposure can cause mesothelioma, a rare and deadly cancer that affects the lining of the chest and abdomen.

Asbestos is considered so hazardous that it is highly regulated at the local, state, and the federal level. But while the federal government is responsible for the laws and rules around exposure to asbestos, the disposal of asbestos-containing debris and materials into state or city landfills is handled by state and local governments.

Whiteside County had been looking at lifting the ban on asbestos in its landfill, according to But although the Prophetstown City Council received a verbal confirmation from the landfill’s manager that it could indeed accept asbestos, the county administrator now says the ban cannot be lifted in time to accept the debris.

For now, Prophetstown may have to take its debris to the Lee County Landfill, which currently accepts asbestos. However, the town’s asbestos-containing waste would have to travel much further to reach that landfill.

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