Texas Widow Sues Rail Company for Causing Husband’s Lung Cancer Death

A woman from Galveston, Texas is bringing an asbestos lawsuit against a railway company in the state that she claims exposed her late husband to dangerous amounts of the deadly fiber without warning him and led to his being diagnosed with lung cancer.

According to the Southeastern Daily Record, Elouise York recently filed the lawsuit against BNSF Railway alleging that it played a role in the death of her husband, Ernest B. York Jr, who worked for the company from 1957 to 1998 as a brakeman and conductor for steam and diesel engines.

One decade after Ernest retired, he was diagnosed with lung cancer that eventually led to his death in late 2010. In her lawsuit, Elouise alleges that the lung cancer diagnosis and death of her husband was caused by his daily work near a variety of asbestos products.

“The decedent’s exposure to asbestos and other toxic substances is herein alleged for the special period of time commencing with the onset of the decedent’s railroad work through Dec. 31, 1976,” the lawsuit reads, according to The Southeastern Texas Record.

Companies that expose their employees to high amounts of asbestos fibers, despite their knowledge that doing so was a health hazard, may be held legally liable for the mesothelioma diagnosis of a former worker. If you feel a former employer or the manufacturer of the asbestos product is at fault for your diagnosis, contact a mesothelioma attorney to learn more about possibly receiving an asbestos settlement that may be able to provide financial security for your family.