Texas Couple Win Mesothelioma Settlement

A Texas couple has just won a $3 million mesothelioma settlement from their mesothelioma lawsuit that they filed last year.  Oscar Torres worked as an employee of Union Carbide of Texas during the 1970s.  The awarded mesothelioma settlement was the result of Mr. Torres’ asbestos exposure at the hands of Union Carbide, a chemical and polymer manufacturer that used asbestos materials and asbestos products in their everyday activity. 

Mr. Torres was diagnosed with mesothelioma in late 2009, and claims that as a direct result of his employment with this firm, and others he worked for, he became a victim of mesothelioma. Their lawsuit was filed against Union Carbide, Gerlock Sealing Technologies, KBR Inc., and Brown & Root.  Mr. Torres believes that while employed by these corporations he was constantly breathing in asbestos fibers. 

Working so closely with these dangerous fibers and increasing one’s own asbestos exposure over time puts that person at risk for developing many serious asbestos related illnesses.  Mr. Torres is just like thousands of other Americans who are contacting qualified mesothelioma lawyers to help them win the mesothelioma lawsuits in court, and get the justice they deserve.