Tedeschi Food Shop in Massachusetts Fined for Improper Asbestos Removal

A popular convenience store chain location in central Massachusetts has been cited with violating state asbestos regulations during renovation work and has been fined more than $30,000 as a result.

Earlier this week, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection assessed a $30,100 penalty against a Tedeschi Food Shop located in Leominster. The fine was in regard to an August 2010 inspection of the store that found pieces of floor tile that contained asbestos and had been improperly removed, handled, and stored on the premises.

The tiles had been removed during renovations to the store that were never properly reported to MassDEP. State law requires that any operations involving the removal of asbestos-containing materials be reported so the dangerous fibers are disposed of properly.

In addition to the fine, MassDEP also required the Tedeschi’s location to retain Massachusetts Division of Occupational Safety-licensed asbestos contractor to properly remove the asbestos tiles and decontaminate all affected areas of the store.

“Failure to identify and remove asbestos materials prior to commencing such operations is an extremely serious, and ultimately a costly oversight that potentially exposes workers and the general public to a known carcinogen,” said Lee Dillard Adams, the deputy director of MassDEP’s Central Regional Office. “As this case illustrates, noncompliance such as this inevitably results in significant penalty exposure, as well as escalated cleanup, decontamination, disposal and monitoring costs.”

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