UK Mayor Diagnosed with Mesothelioma

The acting Mayor of Swindon, a South West England town known for its railway industry, has announced he is battling epithelioid mesothelioma as his term comes to a completion.

Rex Barnett, the 72-year-old mayor of Swindon, announced that he had been diagnosed with the deadly asbestos illness after being rushed to the hospital last month, according to the Swindon Advertiser. The news came fifteen years after he and his wife both were diagnosed with pleural plaques, a similar lung illness that is caused by asbestos exposure. At the time, doctors estimated an 11 percent likelihood that the plaques could develop into mesothelioma.

“When I heard the news I felt shock and disbelief; it hadn’t entered my head at that time as I believed I was only being treated for a chest infection and asthma,” Barnett said following the mesothelioma diagnosis.

Barnett’s asbestos exposure likely occurred while he worked as an apprentice in railway and carriage repair shops that regularly used spray on asbestos insulation during his youth.

The article also noted that mesothelioma has been called “The Swindon Disease” in local circles in and around the town because of the large amount of railway workers from Swindon who have been diagnosed with the deadly illness.

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