Superintendent Shuts Down Elementary School after Learning of Potential Asbestos Hazards

Seeing as how most of the country has had to deal with some type of inclement weather this winter, it should come as no surprised that many structures have required some repairs. However, the repairs to one elementary school in Illinois led to a much more in-depth investigation after fears that asbestos had been exposed.

Located in Lake Zurich, Illinois, the May Whitney Elementary School was forced to send clean-up crews last weekend after a transformer that malfunctioned during a winter storm led to leaks in a number of the school’s rooms. However, upon cleaning the rooms, workers made another discovery that led to Superintendent Dr. Mike Egan sending an emergency email out to parents that Sunday evening.

“The school is being closed as a precautionary measure while we await air quality test results,” Egan said, according to the town’s page. “We just became aware this evening that while wet carpeting was being removed during the post-storm cleanup process some glue and tile containing asbestos may have been disturbed.”

He added that an asbestos consultant had already inspected the area, and that further test results were being commissioned before the school reopened its doors.

Thankfully, follow-up tests performed by an asbestos management company found that no asbestos structures had been detected. Because it was determined that the restoration company brought in to fix the leaks had disturbed the asbestos-containing tiles, and then now followed the proper protocol to remove the substance, they were also hit with the costs associated with the required follow-up testing.

Because countless individuals and families live in homes and work in buildings that contain construction products that contain asbestos fibers, there is a risk that mishaps such as this could lead to some individuals developing asbestosis, mesothelioma, or some type of lung cancer as a result. If you or a loved one is stricken with an asbestos exposure related cancer, speaking with an asbestos lawyer may help enable a lawsuit against makers of the dangerous products that could result in a substantial settlement.