Study of Orphan Drug Shows Ability to Combat Spread of Mesothelioma

Yet another treatment has shown some promising results in containing the spread of mesothelioma, taking further steps towards what could be a cure for patients who are suffering from the deadly form of cancer. The medication NGR-hTNF, which has been classified as an “orphan drug,” (a pharmaceutical drug designed specifically to treat a rare medical condition, which are sometimes referred to as “orphan diseases”), is described as a “vascular targeting agent exploiting a tumor-homing peptide (NGR) that selectively binds to aminopeptidase N/CD13 highly expressed on tumor blood vessels.”

In order to test the drug’s effectiveness, it was analyzed through a clinical trial conducted through the American Society of Clinical Oncology. After 42 malignant pleural mesothelioma patients with a median age of 64 were given the medication every three weeks for seven months, largely positive results were seen. Researchers concluded that “NGR-hTNF shows a favorable and manageable toxicity profile, with preliminary evidence of long-lasting disease control in chemo-pretreated malignant pleural mesothelioma patients.

Claudio Bordignon, the CEO of MolMed – the company that manufactures NGR-hTNF – said the results from the study were promising and provided more data that indicated the drug was effective in treating numerous types of cancer. “We now have evidence of clinical activity of NGR-hTNF in five different types of solid tumors, adding two more indications, ovarian and small-cell lung cancer to those observed in completed Phase II trials as a single agent in colorectal cancer, liver cancer and mesothelioma,” he said.

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