Software firm chosen for state of Illinois asbestos abatement program

GL Solutions, a software developer based in Bend, Oregon, has been contracted by the state of Illinois to monitor its asbestos abatement program, according to the Bend Bulletin.

The state Department of Public Health currently uses the company’s regulatory software, GL Suite, for managing swimming pools, plumbing wells and other state programs.

However, the latest contract with GL Solutions is its first that involves asbestos management. It is also the largest and most complex installation that the software company has had with the state, GL’s marketing specialist Brian Bennett, told the newspaper.

Asbestos exposure is linked to diseases that include lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis, and is the focus of many asbestos settlements and mesothelioma lawsuits that have been filed in recent years. Asbestos abatement frequently precedes demolitions and major renovations to prevent its fibers from becoming airborne.

The software firm, which recently doubled its workforce from 40 workers to 75 employees, has been awarded a $50,000 loan from the Deschutes County job creation fund. It has also won recent contracts with the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services and the state home builder licensing board in Alabama.