Residents in North Carolina Voice Concerns over Asbestos

A 5-1/2 acre site, once the home of the Metrolina Warehouse, was the topic of discussion at an October 3rd town hall meeting at the Senior Nutrition Center in Davidson, North Carolina. Proposed for the site is a commercial and residential development from a Raleigh company. The concerns raised have been about disturbing any asbestos that might be present in the Metrolina Warehouse, which once served as an asbestos mill and dump. Fliers spread throughout the neighborhood asked, “ATTENTION! All Davidson Residents. Do you know the dangers of asbestos?” Sponsors of the meeting and the fliers are an unidentified group of concerned community leaders from the West Side, but town officials were unaware of the meeting.

Greenhawk Partners LLC, the Raleigh developer, introduced its plans to citizens at a planning workshop in July 2008. During that meeting, fears from residents about their potential exposure to asbestos dust stirred up during construction of the site were voiced, but the developer said that the previous owner had sealed up the asbestos on the site in accordance with federal guidelines. On September 18, 2008, the Raleigh developer sought to allay fears by conducting its own meeting with a cleanup expert and environmental engineer. The company has two options to deal with the asbestos: leave it buried or remove it. Greenhawk representative Brian Goray said that the company would prefer to have it removed.