Wall Covering May Limit Risk of Asbestos Exposure

A British company may have developed a viable new method to keep asbestos products in the walls of older buildings from releasing fibers that could be inhaled by people nearby.

Datatecnics, a Birmingham, England-based company, recently announced its creation of ADAAS (Asbestos Disturbance Automated Alert System), a special type of wall covering that is either plastered or painted onto asbestos products and is designed to prevent small asbestos particles from being released to areas where people may be located. The polymer film is also designed to trigger an alarm if it is breached in any way.

The company claims that using the ASAAS film will help eliminate older forms of asbestos testing and monitoring while being more cost effective as well.

While the company is still looking for investors before any widespread launch of the product, its mere existence could be a sign of good things to come in regard to the prevention of asbestos exposure in the years to come.

“Asbestos is in a lot of public buildings. The Government estimates that 70 percent of UK schools contain it and the guidance from the Health and Safety Executive is to manage most of it, not remove it,” Mohammad Zulfiquar, Datatecnics’ CEO, recently told Electronics Weekly.

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