Pakistan: Heading towards Asbestos Ban?

Pakistan may join 55 other countries in imposing an asbestos ban, if its National Assembly acts according to the recommendations of one of its special subcommittees.

Last month, the Pakistan National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Human Resource Development recommended a complete ban on the import and use of asbestos in 22 industries, according to a recent story in the Daily Times, a national newspaper. The committee hopes to safeguard worker health.

Pakistan, like many other developing nations, uses asbestos in numerous manufacturing processes and products. The article notes the material is used to make gaskets, roof coating, fabrics, gloves, clothing, clutches, construction materials, heat-resistant insulators, furnace and pipe linings, and much more.

However, asbestos has been definitively linked to many serious and often fatal diseases. These include asbestos lung cancer, asbestosis, and mesothelioma, a rare but serious cancer. Although the dangers of asbestos are clear, the United States hasn’t completely banned it.

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