NY Building Found to Contain Asbestos

In yet another case of a public building that is regularly used by many people containing mesothelioma-causing asbestos products, the Oswego County Department of Social Services building in Mexico, NY has been found to contain a great deal of asbestos tiling that must be removed immediately.

A recent survey of the building determined that approximately 80 percent of the tiling it contains likely was made with asbestos. If these tiles wear down or break, the exposed asbestos fibers could pose a health risk to anyone who is inside the building. With that in mind, county legislature has allocated $100,000 to ensure that any dangerous asbestos products are removed, The Post Standard reported.

While an asbestos abatement plan will likely be written up by the end of the month, the biggest issue that remains is ensuring that the social services offices can stay open in some way, shape, or form to assist those in need while the removal takes place.

 “I think the project will be a challenge because we don’t have a whole lot of empty space to put workers in while the (asbestos removal) work is being done,” said Social Services Commissioner Gregg Heffner. “We do have some caseworkers (80 to 90) who could work at home and that could give us some room for swing space.”

Some options for doing this include moving the workers offsite for the entire process, or undergoing the asbestos removal floor-by-floor so the offices can remain partially open.

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