New ASCO Booklet Offers Advice on Advanced Cancer Care Planning

The diagnosis of a deadly form of cancer such as mesothelioma is a terrible experience that can rock the foundations of any family, and it is no secret that dealing with such an emotional situation can sometimes make it difficult to seek out (or be receptive to) proper advice.

However, those in need of some simple, straightforward, and honest advice regarding the decisions that must be made by advanced cancer patients and their families may find some help from a new online booklet that was recently released by the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

Called Advanced Cancer Care Planning, What Patients and Families Need to Know About Their Choices When Facing Serious Illness, the booklet was designed by ASCO to “help people with advanced cancer and their family and caregivers understand the diagnosis and treatment options, discuss these options for care throughout the course of the illness, and find support.”

Among the different types of information that can be found in the 22-page booklet are advice on different forms of palliative or hospice care, stories and testimonials from patients who have been diagnosed with some form of advanced cancer, guidance on how to cope with a deadly illness, recommendations on how to handle various legal issues that may arise, questions to ask your doctor, and a list of useful resources. Much of the information is culled from ASCO’s website Cancer.Net.

Since its release, the ASCO booklet has already been written up in The New York Times’ health blog, which complimented it for being “honest and helpful.”

Check out the booklet for free right here.

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